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Deploy Blockchain + AI Apps in Minutes
Access new superpowers using our open source SDK
Ready-made templates
Deploy a custom marketplace or minter in 5 minutes from our templates
Built-in GraphQL Indexer
1-second block times on NEAR gets almost instant confirmations
Apps with DALLE-3, ChatGPT 4, and StabilityAI
Mint from prompts, image-to-text minsta descriptions and more
Minsta Selfie Minter
Roll your own NFT open minter photo app with AI text genration and meta transaction paid claim features.
Make a blog an NFT
Onboard your Community without Barriers
Seedless + non custodial + gasless = mass adoption
Deploy your Own Smart Contract with a few clicks
Assest Can be Worth $0.0001 or $10M
Mint NFTs Collection
Easily Mint, Sell, Transfer and Burn NFTs on your contract
Add Minters
Your Contract is your own DAO
Safe and Audited
Enjoy the safety of your contracts with a stamp of approval from credible auditors
Audited By
Try it out, it's that simple
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Sell your NFTs in over +135 Currencies with Credit Cards
Setup is less than 10 minutes
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Sell with stablecoins
Crypto is volatile. Sell your NFTs using USDC or USDT to ensure stable prices
Earn with Affiliate Links
Monetize traffic by earning commissions when directing buyers to listings
Connect Stripe and Sell for Fiat
Complete an optional KYC and sell your tokens to a broader audience