First fully interoperable indexer
NFT Infrastructure.
Build your own minter, market, or redeemer today using our developer toolkits on NEAR: A sharded and green blockchain.
End-to-end Blockchain development
Mintbase.js library streamlines the integration of Near NFTs by providing easy-to-use tools to interact with the Mintbase Indexer, allowing developers to create and manage Near-based NFTs effortlessly.
Out of the box WalletSelector Integration
Deploy and interact with smart contracts
Permanent store source material on Arweave
Easily fetch blockchain data, or use our graphql Queries.
Kickstart your app journey with our ready-made templates
Here you can find a selection of templates by the Mintbase team, which are customizable and cover multiple NFT use cases. By using our templates, you can save time, reduce costs, and focus on adding unique features to your app, while kickstarting your app development journey.
Basic Market
Basic Market
Pick as many stores as you want that have already listed NFTs and sell them in your own creative ways directly to your community and instantly get helf the Mintbase market fee.
Basic Minter
Basic Minter
Add a minter to your own site uploading metadata and assets (3D, video, and audio directly to Arweave).
Market on NEAR Social
Fork a widget on your own page and build your own market.
Create your social feed on NEAR Social
Fork a widget on your own page and build your own NFT social feed.
Fully Interoperable Indexer
We built a battle-tested market with an auction and minter to ensure you could. You need to know GraphQL, and we'll handle the complex web3 parts.
Earn Market Fees from Your Apps or Links
On-Chain Affiliate Program
Sell any NFT on NEAR by building markets in metaverses, wallets, or pro-trading DEX's. No need to get your own listings, simply add "affiliate_id" to your buy function.
Building on Mintbase